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  • No More Invasive Surgery—This Pacemaker Dissolves Instead
    After having cardiovascular surgery, many patients require a temporary pacemaker to help stabilize their heart rate. The device consists of a pulse generator, one or more insulated wires, and an electrode at the end of each wire.The pulse generator—a metal case that contains electronic circuitry with a small computer and a battery—regulates the impulses sent […]
  • Ultrasound Stickers Look Inside the Body
    A wearable ultrasound sticker roughly the size of a postage stamp could help enable continuous medical imaging of internal organs for patients on the move, a new study finds.Ultrasound imaging is one of the most common medical tools for scanning inside the body in a safe, noninvasive manner. Currently, to image with ultrasound, first a […]
  • Why Studying Bats Might Yield Insights into Human Life Extension
    Few fields of endeavor have advanced as swiftly as bioinformatics over the past couple of decades. Just 25 years ago, the human genome was still largely a mystery. Then, in 2003, the first sequence was announced, of about 92 percent of a human genome. That sequence cost some US $300 million dollars. Over the years, […]
  • Robot Outperforms a Surgeon in a Precision Training Task
    This article is part of our exclusive IEEE Journal Watch series in partnership with IEEE Xplore. Who is better at performing surgery: an experienced surgeon or a robot? Typically, surgeons have to make incisions that are relatively big during surgery, whereas the small instruments of a robot can fit through smaller incisions. Given this advantage […]
  • Restoring Hearing With Beams of Light
    There’s a popular misconception that cochlear implants restore natural hearing. In fact, these marvels of engineering give people a new kind of “electric hearing” that they must learn how to use. Natural hearing results from vibrations hitting tiny structures called hair cells within the cochlea in the inner ear. A cochlear implant bypasses the damaged […]


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