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  • Reunião de Presidentes de Ramos Estudantis & SAC – Março de 2023 20/03/2023
    A reunião mensal organizada pelo Comitê de Atividades Estudantis da Seção Nordeste Brasil do IEEE é um evento importante para a orientação dos presidentes e diretorias de Ramos sobre as novidades do IEEE, prêmios, eventos e atividades. O objetivo da reunião é manter os líderes dos ramos atualizados sobre o que está acontecendo no IEEE, […]
  • Reunion con representante de la Liga Nacional de Robotica 20/03/2023
    Reunion con objetivo de mejorar el evento AsimovCup y adaptarlo a la Liga
    El capítulo IEEE de Potencia y Energía de la Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (IEEE PES UNI), en alineamiento con sus objetivos de fomentar el aprendizaje y difundir el conocimiento científico y de ingeniería, se complace en presentar el informe del Webinar “Protección de líneas de transmisión”, a cargo del ing. “Danny Escobedo Flores”, que se […]
  • Energy storage: the catalytic element for the grid of the future 20/03/2023
    Along with the small scale distributed generation, technological advances for storage allows to think in novel complementary uses that enable more flexibility in energy process. During the presentation the state of the art, mainly electricity batteries, with be developed. The exposition will cover several applications, advantages and storage projects.
  • Conoce los beneficios de la membresía IEEE 19/03/2023
    En este webinar, conocerás sobre los beneficios de la membresía estudiantil IEEE, como el acceso a revistas, la base de datos IEEE Xplore, IEEE.TV, etc. Además, conocerás a la Rama Estudiantil IEEE UPN Lima Norte y nuestros eventos.

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  • How an Electrical Engineer Solved Australia’s Most Famous Cold Case
    Dead, and in a jacket and tie. That’s how he was on 1 December 1948, when two men found him slumped against a retaining wall on the beach at Somerton, a suburb of Adelaide, Australia. The Somerton Man’s body was found on a beach in 1948. Nobody came forward to identify him. JAMES DURHAM Police […]
  • 3D Bioprinter Prints Tissue in Situ
    Bioprinting is the use of 3D printing techniques to fabricate tissues out of biomaterials. It is mainly used to create human tissue for research and for drug testing in vitro. When used to create a body part intended for implantation in a patient, the part must first be printed with a desktop bioprinter, and then […]
  • Mini Robot Enters Blood Vessels, Completes Surgery
    This article is part of our exclusive IEEE Journal Watch series in partnership with IEEE Xplore.When a patient has a blocked artery or blood vessel, a team of surgeons must carefully thread an ultrathin catheter through the person’s blood vessel to reach the lesion or blocked area. But whereas surgeons must estimate the position of […]
  • E-Bandages Lightly Zap—and Heal—Wounds
    Not only can electricity drive electronics, it can help people heal. The first electronic bandage the body can absorb can apply electric signals to speed the healing of wounds by 30 percent, a new study finds.In the body, electricity helps the heart beat, causes the muscles to twitch, and allows the body to communicate with […]
  • Growing Electronics Inside the Brain
    Bioelectronics can be made directly inside the brains of live animals by injecting a cocktail of molecules that can transform into electrically conductive gel, a new study finds.Swedish scientists have created bioelectronics in live zebra fish and leeches with this new technique. In the long term, the ability to turn any living tissue into electronic […]


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