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  • Webinar - El Rol del Hidrógeno Verde En la Transición Energética de Centroamérica 06/10/2022
    Las sociedades técnicas del IEEE en Potencia y Energía, y Aplicaciones Industriales, los invita a este evento sobre las nociones básicas de la tecnología del Hidrógeno Verde, casos de uso y oportunidades disponibles para implementarlo en la región Centroamérica. The IEEE Technical Societies on Power and Energy and Industrial Applications invites you to this event on the basic […]
  • Roadshow IEEE UNAC 2022: Inteligencia Computacional UNMSM 06/10/2022
    Con el objetivo de incentivar los estudios sobre la Inteligencia Artificial en las especialidades de la Universidad Nacional del Callao, tendremos como invitado especial al capítulo Computational Intelligence Society de la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
  • Feria de Capítulos: Roadshow IEEE UNAC 2022 05/10/2022
    La Feria de Capítulos o Roadshow se realiza anualmente a manera de convocatoria para nuevos voluntarios IEEE para nuestra Rama Estudiantil en el marco del IEEE DAY 2022. Se realizará el jueves 06 en modalidad presencial y virtual respectivamente.
    Se llevara a cabo una dinamica grupal donde se podra observar el desenvolvimiento de los posibles, directores, miembros y colaboradores del capitulo estudiantil IEEE AESS UNMSM como parte de la convocatoria 2023.
    Se lleva a cabo una serie de entrevistas personales a los posibles futuros directores, miembros y colaboradores de nuestro capitulo estudiantil como parte de nuestra convocatoria 2023.

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  • Bring Physics-Based AI Into Your Research With NVIDIA Modulus
    High-fidelity simulations in science and engineering are widely used in industrial, seismic, weather/climate, and life sciences applications. However, traditional simulations remain computationally expensive and impractical for real time applications. They are discretization dependent, meaning they do not easily assimilate either measured or synthetic data from various sources. Due to rapid developments in AI for science […]
  • "Nothing About Us Without Us"
    Before we redesigned our website a couple of years ago, we took pains to have some users show us how they navigate our content or complete specific tasks like leaving a comment or listening to a podcast. We queried them about what they liked or didn’t like about how our content is presented. And we […]
  • The Electric Purple Snake-Oil Machine
    The violet ray machine has an awesome name that conjures up images of cartoon supervillains taking out Gotham, but its actual history is even odder—and it includes a superhero, not a villain. The technology underpinning the machine begins with none other than Nikola Tesla and his eponymous coil. After Tesla and others made some refinements […]
  • Monitoring Parkinson’s Patients at Home Could Improve Disease Management
    A radar device the size of a Wi-Fi router could help continuously monitor Parkinson’s disease in patients from afar as they go about their lives at home. By using radio waves to track the gait of Parkinson’s patients, the device should help doctors assess the effectiveness of medications, see how the disease is progressing, and […]
  • AI Matches Doctors in Screening  for Tuberculosis
    A killer could be stopped cold—or at least be limited in its deadly toll—thanks to AI. Apart from COVID-19, tuberculosis (TB) is the leading cause of death by an infectious disease worldwide, despite being largely preventable and treatable. While the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends using chest X-rays to help identify likely cases of TB, […]


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