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  • Understanding the Coronavirus Is Like Reading a Sentence
    Since the beginning of 2020, we've heard an awful lot about RNA. First, an RNA coronavirus created a global pandemic and brought the world to a halt. Scientists were quick to sequence the novel coronavirus's genetic code, revealing it to be a single strand of RNA that is folded and twisted inside the virus's lipid […]
  • IEEE Membership: Insurance Advantages
    Your career is like your life. It evolves in stages, each of which looks unique and has distinct needs. Wherever you are in your career, the IEEE Member Group Insurance Program is designed to offer solutions geared for your needs – today and tomorrow, too. Early Career. Mid Career. Late Career. Post-Career/Retirement. Whoever you need […]
  • A DIY Calorie Counter More Accurate Than a Smartphone
    Physical activity is essential to both physical and mental health, something brought home to many people following sedentary pandemic lockdowns. Even without the lockdowns, many parts of the world have been facing an obesity epidemic, which has created a need to help people manage their weight. For such people there are a wealth of fitness […]
  • COVID Breathalyzers Could Transform Rapid Testing
    Concert venues, international airports and even restaurants are increasingly asking patrons for a recent negative COVID-19 test before entering their premises. Some organizations offer to test people on the spot as they enter. But current COVID-19 testing options aren't convenient enough for the kind of mass daily screening that some businesses would like to implement. […]
  • Help Build the Future of Assistive Technology
    This is a sponsored article brought to you by California State University, Northridge (CSUN). Your smartphone is getting smarter. Your car is driving itself. And your watch tells you when to breathe. That, as strange as it might sound, is the world we live in. Just look around you. Almost every day, there's a better […]


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