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  • IoT Integral Solution 26/06/2022
    El evento IoT Integral Solution busca dar a conocer los últimos avances de la ciencia y tecnología y sus aplicaciones dentro del ámbito del Internet de las Cosas, a través de la realización de charlas y talleres vía Webex (una plataforma de Video Conferencias Online) y/o presenciales. Se busca abordar una diversidad de temas contemporáneos […]
  • Power System Protection in the Era of Smart Grid 26/06/2022
    Advances in sensing, communication and computing have potential to refine, or even redefine the conception and implementation of Power System Protection. Increased computing power at low cost has provided opportunities to implement more computation-intensive methods/algorithms in real time. Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) providing faster and diverse synchronized measurements over a wide area, with new communication […]
  • [SP01] Palestra: Reconhecimento de Gestos Manuais em Tempo-Real através de Redes Neurais Feed-Forward e EMG 21/06/2022
    O problema de reconhecimento de gestos manuais em tempo real por meio de sinais obtidos via eletromiografia (EMG) possui diversas aplicações, tais como melhorar a interação humano-computador, no controle de braços robóticos e de próteses de mão. Este problema pode ser subdividido em dois problemas menores: o problema de detecção de gestos, que envolve determinar […]
  • Data Science for Cybersecurity: An Overview Focused on Networking 21/06/2022
    Cyberattacks are constantly ravaging valuable data, wasting time and costly resources, and negatively affecting the reputation of companies and institutions worldwide. Big, high profile organizations have suffered the consequences of cyberattacks with high impact on the organizations themselves, their customers, collaborators, and society in general. WannaCry and other ransomware software are still a threat that […]
  • Taller No.1 - Estrategias de Membresía 18/06/2022
    Entrenamiento para el comité de membresía para sus respectivas funciones del mes de julio.

RSS IEEE Spectrum

  • The Fatal Flaw of the Pulse Oximeter
    If someone is seeking medical care, the color of their skin shouldn’t matter. But, according to new research, pulse oximeters’ performance and accuracy apparently hinges on it. Inaccurate blood-oxygen measurements, in other words, made by pulse oximeters have had clear consequences for people of color during the COVID-19 pandemic. “That device ended up being essentially […]
  • Detecting Cancer by Its Frequency
    This article is part of our exclusive IEEE Journal Watch series in partnership with IEEE Xplore. There are many different ways to detect cancer—by biopsy, imaging, and even blood tests, depending on the type of cancer. But some researchers are exploring a novel way of detecting cancer that’s based on the unique electromagnetic radiation frequency […]
  • Bio Revolution: How Data Intelligence Is Driving Transformational Growth
    Dubbed the era of bio revolution, the 21st century has seen a rapid ascent in bioscience breakthroughs. It has accelerated life science innovation and opened doors to global transformation across many industries, such as:Agriculture—CRISPR edited cropsEnergy—BiofuelsConsumer Goods—DNA based cosmetics and plant-based proteinsRegister now for this free webinar!Biological applications are expected to create up to four […]
  • Landmark Transplant Turns 3D Bioprinting on Its Ear
    More than a quarter-century after scientists first grew a humanlike ear on the back of a mouse, surgeons in San Antonio have successfully used a 3D printer to reconstruct an outer ear made of living cells for a young woman with a congenital ear deformity—no creepy-looking mice required.Researchers hailed the pioneering transplant as a major […]
  • Eavesdropping on the Brain With 10,000 Electrodes
    Imagine a portable computer built from a network of 86 billion switches, capable of general intelligence sophisticated enough to build a spacefaring civilization—but weighing just 1.2 to 1.3 kilograms, consuming just 20 watts of power, and jiggling like Jell-O as it moves. There’s one inside your skull right now. It is a breathtaking achievement of […]


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