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  • 5G technology: the process of deployment in Latin American countries 02/02/2023
    5G technology is in the process of deployment in Latin American countries. The presentation gives an introduction about main 5G challenges and features involved, with an explanation of differences between 4G, 5G NSA and 5G SA architectures and both 5G phases pre-requirements that must be presented in order to have a proper registration between radio […]
  • 1ª Reunião de Liderança CS 27/01/2023
    Reunião de Liderança do CS em Abril.
  • Simposio/Panel: "Inteligencia Artificial 2023: de la investigación a ready to market" 27/01/2023
    La Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá (UTP) y el Capítulo Profesional Conjunto Robotics & Automation Society y Control System Society (RAS&CSS) del Instituto de Ingenieros Eléctricos y Electrónicos (IEEE) Sección Panamá tienen el placer de invitarles al Panel “Inteligencia Artificial 2023: de la investigación a ready to market”. En el Simposio/Panel se abordarán los temas más […]
  • Verano Feliz Divirtámonos Programando 24/01/2023
    La Universidad de Panamá, la Facultad de Informática, Electrónica y Comunicación, el Capitulo de Computación de IEEE ý el grupo Logic4kids, buscando promover el aprendizaje de la tecnología de la información y comunicación en especial para niñas y niños dentro de la sociedad, presenta El Veranito Feliz - Divirtámonos Programando.   En la actualidad, los avances tecnológicos requieren de […]
  • The 13th IEEE International Conference on Pattern Recognition Systems (ICPRS) 10/12/2022
    The 13th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Systems (ICPRS-23) is an annual event that follows ICPRS-22, ICPRS-21, ICPRS-19, ICPRS-18, ICPRS-17 and ICPRS-16, a continuation of the successful Chilean Conference on Pattern Recognition that reached its 6th edition in 2014. In 2023 it is organised by the Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (Guayaquil - Ecuador) and the Chilean […]

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  • GPT Protein Models Speak Fluent Biology
    Artificial intelligence has already shaved years off research into protein engineering. Now, for the first time, scientists have synthesized proteins predicted by an AI model in the lab and found them to work just as well as their natural counterparts. The research used a deep-learning language model for protein engineering called ProGen, which was developed […]
  • Roboticists Want to Give You a Third Arm
    What could you do with an extra limb? Consider a surgeon performing a delicate operation, one that needs her expertise and steady hands—all three of them. As her two biological hands manipulate surgical instruments, a third robotic limb that’s attached to her torso plays a supporting role. Or picture a construction worker who is thankful […]
  • “Brain Age” AI Discovers Early Alzheimer’s Signs
    Although your brain has chronologically the same number of years in the world as the rest of you, determining its medical “age,” a measure of how processes of aging impact the brain, is far from obvious or straightforward. Now, researchers are testing an AI-based model that determines brain age via magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data, […]
  • Wearable Ultrasound Patch Images the Heart in Real Time
    A wearable ultrasound imager for the heart that is roughly the size of a postage stamp, can be worn for up to 24 hours, and works even during exercise may one day help doctors spot cardiac problems that current medical technology might miss, a new study finds.Heart disease is the leading cause of death among […]
  • Portable Life-Support Device Provides Critical Care in Conflict and Disaster Zones
    This is a sponsored article brought to you by LEMO.A bomb explodes — medical devices set to action.It is only in war that both sides of human ingenuity coexist so brutally. On the one side, it innovates to wound and kill, on the other it heals and saves lives. Side by side, but viscerally opposed.Dr. […]


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