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  • Zapping the Brain and Nerves Could Treat Long COVID
    New Year’s Day marked a dispiriting milestone for one New Jersey woman: 20 months of symptoms of COVID-19. The woman, who asked for anonymity to protect her medical privacy, suffers from a variety of neurological problems that are associated with long COVID, including brain fog, memory problems, difficulty reading, and extreme fatigue. In her search […]
  • Worldwide Campaign for Neurorights Notches Its First Win
    The government of Chile is taking a stand: Its citizens must be protected from technologies that are capable of mind control, mind reading, or any other nefarious interference with their brains. While such concerns used to be relegated to conspiracy-theory chat rooms and science fiction, now they’re subject to debate by senators. Thanks to a […]
  • Brain Chip Combines Electrodes and Microfluidics
    Neurons use electrical pulses and chemicals to communicate with each other. Analyzing both is critical for studying brain function and spotting brain diseases, but today’s implants can measure only one or the other. Researchers in Korea have now made a multifunctional chip that can measure both electrical charges and neurochemicals in the brain, and can […]
  • Nerve Stimulation May Be a "Whole New Way" of Treating Stroke
    In the immediate aftermath of a stroke, time is of the essence. Doctors need to restore blood supply to the affected brain area as quickly as possible—or else, starved of oxygen, millions of neurons and supporting cells will quickly die off, leading to paralysis, sensory loss or worse.A new neurostimulation device could help. By electrically […]
  • High School Students Built This iPhone App for the Visually Impaired
    Members of a high school machine-learning club have developed an inexpensive smartphone application for those with low or impaired vision. Eugene Choi, Raffu Khondaker, Irfan Nafi, and Pranav Ravella are seniors at the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, in Alexandria, Va. “We noticed that the computer-vision field has gotten to a point […]


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