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  • Reunión mensual de la rama IEEE UNAD 29/11/2022
    Socialización semestral del reporte de la rama IEEE UNAD.
  • TEC COMPUTER SOCIETY SESSION - 12-12-2022 29/11/2022
    Weekly meeting to move forward with projects.
  • TEC COMPUTER SOCIETY SESSION - 05-12-2022 29/11/2022
    Weekly meeting to move forward with projects
  • Curso Machine Learning Aplicado 28/11/2022
    La rama estudiantil de la UTN.BA junto con MUTT.DATA se complace a presentar el siiguiente curso destinado a dar una introducción a temas de Machine Learning (ML) a cargo de Pablo Lorenzatto CTO de Mutt Data. Cantidad de clases: 2Fechas: 28 y 30 de NoviembreModalidad: 100% remota. Duracion: Cada clase consistirá en 1 hora sincrónica […]
  • Webinar "Estrategias para la Elaboración de un CV de Alto Impacto" 28/11/2022
    La Rama Estudiantil IEEE de la Universidad de Sonsonate en colaboración con el programa Oportunidades de la fundación Gloria de Kriete te invitan a participar al Webinar "Estrategias para la elaboración de un CV de alto impacto" Fecha: Miercoles 30 de noviembre del 2022. Hora: 3:00 p.m. Plataforma: Google Meet Inscríbete por a través del […]

RSS IEEE Spectrum

  • Are You Ready for Workplace Brain Scanning?
    Get ready: Neurotechnology is coming to the workplace. Neural sensors are now reliable and affordable enough to support commercial pilot projects that extract productivity-enhancing data from workers’ brains. These projects aren’t confined to specialized workplaces; they’re also happening in offices, factories, farms, and airports. The companies and people behind these neurotech devices are certain that […]
  • Blood Test Only Needs a Drop and a Smartphone for Results
    The phrase “from a single drop of blood” is full of both promise and peril for researchers trying to integrate clinical-quality medical testing technology with consumer devices like smartphones. While university researchers and commercial startups worldwide continue to introduce innovative new consumer-friendly takes on tests that have resided in laboratories for decades, the collective memory […]
  • App Identifies Parkinson’s, COVID-19 Based on User’s Voice
    During the early stages of some illnesses, there may be limited evidence that a health complication is developing, yet some subtle clues may still be present. Two recent studies show that AI algorithms can successfully analyze people’s voices to identify those in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease or a severe COVID-19 infection of the […]
  • NYU Biomedical Engineering Speeds Research from Lab Bench to Bedside
    This is a sponsored article brought to you by NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering.When Andreas H. Hielscher, the chair of the biomedical engineering (BME) department at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering, arrived at his new position, he saw raw potential. NYU Tandon had undergone a meteoric rise in its U.S. News & World Report graduate […]
  • Nanoparticles in Medicine—Microbots to Blood Clots
    As nanotechology burrows into an increasing number of medical technologies, new developments in nanoparticles point to the ways that treatments can today be nanotechnologically targeted. In one case, would-be end effectors on microrobots are aimed at clearing up cases of bacterial pneumonia. In another, a smart-targeting system may decrease clotting risks in dangerous cases of […]


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