Congress ISGT 2021 | Participant Registration

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  • 80.00 $
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  • 30.00 $
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  • 35.00 $
  • 30.00 $

(*) Payment Type

(*) Be advised that your registration date will be the date in which you make the respective payment.

(*) IEEE policies

Acceptance of IEEE policies are required for this event. By submitting your registration details, you acknowledge that:

You have read and are in agreement with IEEE's Event and Conditions.

You have read and are in the agreement with IEEE's Privacy Policy.

(*) Notes for IEEE Members and IEEE Students Members

- Members are required to indicate their IEEE membership number during registration and to bring along their current IEEE membership card for verification at the conference.

- Participants are eligible for student rate if they are a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate student. Student members or graduated students must bring along their Student Identification Card and IEEE Membership Card to the conference for verification. Student no member must bring along their Student Identification Card. The student must send the document from the university, a university license or student identification card from 2021.