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  • 2024 IV International Conference on Aerospace and Signal Processing (INCAS) 19/07/2024
    The International Conference on Aerospace and Signal processing (INCAS) is a biannual technical event created in 2017, which belongs to the Joint Chapter AESS (Aerospace and Electronics System Society) & SPS (Signal Processing Society) of the IEEE Peru Section. This event is organized to promote interdisciplinary understanding of signal processing and aerospace systems, their underlying […]
  • IEEE CIS UFPB and IEEE CIS UnB Board meeting | CIS in BR 19/07/2024
    Strategic activities for Oct. 2024 in Brazil Coordination meeting between IEEE CIS UnB and IEEE CS & CIS Joint UFPB Discussion on collaborative projects Planning for joint research initiatives Activities IEEE CIS Unb and IEEE CIS UFPB Lecture of AI  Planning the Distinguished Lecturers day schedule
  • Pre-URUCON 2024 Webinar: MOVE with Purpose 18/07/2024
    Abstract Have you ever wondered how to take a seed of an idea to reality?  The IEEE MOVE (Mobile Outreach utilizing volunteer engagement) Program started that way.  That seed just celebrated its 8th anniversary of providing service to the community and is expanding internationally.  MOVE volunteers support disaster relief agencies committed to assisting victims of […]
    The conference topic describes the outlook for the semiconductor industry in 2024, as well as evaluating a deal from a business perspective, meaning it will outline what factors need to be evaluated to ensure it will be a good deal for the company. company from the commercial and sales perspective and it will also be […]
  • Sesión 8 - Taller Redacción de Artículos Científicos - YP R9 - CONCAPAN 2024 16/07/2024
    Talleres de Preparación para la Redacción de Artículos Científicos  * Sesiones únicamente en Español * Evento organizado por: + IEEE Young Professionals (YP) Región 9 – Ing. Chris Flores, Perú + IEEE YP CAPANA – Ing. Andy Espinosa, Nicaragua + IEEE YP Costa Rica – Ing. Kevin Montoya, Costa Rica + IEEE CONCAPAN Costa Rica […]

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  • Origami Helps Implant Sensors in Bio-Printed Tissue
    In the United States alone, more than 100,000 people currently need a lifesaving organ transplant. Instead of waiting for donors, one way to solve this crisis in the future is to assemble replacement organs with bio-printing—3D printing that uses inks containing living cells. Scientists in Israel have found that origami techniques could help fold sensors […]
  • The Best Bionic Leg Yet
    For the first time, a small group of patients with amputations below the knee were able to control the movements of their prosthetic legs through neural signals—rather than relying on programmed cycles for all or part of a motion—and resume walking with a natural gait. The achievement required a specialized amputation surgery combined with a […]
  • Bath Engineers Bet on Dirt for Micropower
    A thimbleful of soil can contain a universe of microorganisms, up to 10 billion by some estimates. Now a group of researchers in Bath, United Kingdom, are building prototype technologies that harvest electrons exhaled by some micro-species. The idea is to power up low-yield sensors and switches, and perhaps help farmers digitally optimize crop yields […]
  • Is AI Search a Medical Misinformation Disaster?
    Last month when Google introduced its new AI search tool, called AI Overviews, the company seemed confident that it had tested the tool sufficiently, noting in the announcement that “people have already used AI Overviews billions of times through our experiment in Search Labs.” The tool doesn’t just return links to Web pages, as in […]
  • Microneedle Glucose Sensors Keep Monitoring Skin-Deep
    For people with diabetes, glucose monitors are a valuable tool to monitor their blood sugar. The current generation of these biosensors detect glucose levels with thin, metallic filaments inserted in subcutaneous tissue, the deepest layer of the skin where most body fat is stored.Medical technology company Biolinq is developing a new type of glucose sensor […]


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