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  • Is AI Search a Medical Misinformation Disaster?
    Last month when Google introduced its new AI search tool, called AI Overviews, the company seemed confident that it had tested the tool sufficiently, noting in the announcement that “people have already used AI Overviews billions of times through our experiment in Search Labs.” The tool doesn’t just return links to Web pages, as in […]
  • Microneedle Glucose Sensors Keep Monitoring Skin-Deep
    For people with diabetes, glucose monitors are a valuable tool to monitor their blood sugar. The current generation of these biosensors detect glucose levels with thin, metallic filaments inserted in subcutaneous tissue, the deepest layer of the skin where most body fat is stored.Medical technology company Biolinq is developing a new type of glucose sensor […]
  • Noise Cancellation for Your Brain
    Elemind, a 5-year-old startup based in Cambridge, Mass., today unveiled a US $349 wearable for neuromodulation, the company’s first product. According to cofounder and CEO Meredith Perry, the technology tracks the oscillation of brain waves using electroencephalography (EEG) sensors that detect the electrical activity of the brain and then influence those oscillations using bursts of […]
  • Bionic Eye Gets a New Lease on Life
    The future of an innovative retinal implant and dozens of its users just got brighter, after Science, a bioelectronics startup run by Neuralink’s cofounder, Max Hodak, acquired Pixium’s technology at the last minute. Pixium Vision, whose Prima system to tackle vision loss is implanted in 47 people across Europe and the United States, was in […]
  • Noninvasive Spinal Stimulation Gets a (Current) Boost
    In 2010, Melanie Reid fell off a horse and was paralyzed below the shoulders. “You think, ‘I am where I am; nothing’s going to change,’ ” she said, but many years after her accident, she participated in a medical trial of a new, noninvasive rehabilitative device that can deliver more electrical stimulation than similar devices […]


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