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  • AI and Metaverse Impact on Smart Cities and Its Citizens 01/03/2024
    The needs of the Citizens are the real driver for Smart Cities Solutions. Technology is a tool to design alternate solutions. Strategic development Goals are key to address the needs. New technologies help designers to look for innovative solutions. The AI and Metaverse Technology challenges the vast opportunities for new solutions, However General public is […]
  • Reunión para Coordinar actividades entre IEEE CS y IEEE CS Estudiantil UPS-Cuenca 01/03/2024
    Reunión para coordinar actividades a realizar el año 2024 entre los capítulos IEEE CS Ecuador y el Capitulo IEEE CS Estudiantes de la Universidad Politécnica Salesiana 
    El desarrollo de dispositivos electrónicos, en ocasiones, requiere de competencias técnicas y teóricas que no todos los laboratorios poseen. En esos casos algunas empresas recurren a los servicios de laboratorios y/o consultores especializados. En ocasiones la complejidad es tal que empresas pueden unir sus competencias para tratar de resolver un problema. Tal es el caso […]
  • Human Factor in Cybercrime and Cybersecurity - Examining Victimization 29/02/2024
    This seminar delves into the intricate relationship between human factors and the realms of cybercrime and cybersecurity.
  • Capacitación uso del OBS 29/02/2024
    🔷📢|#EVENTOSAESS Estimada comunidad, el capítulo estudiantil IEEE Aᥱrosρᥲᥴᥱ & Eᥣᥱᥴtroᥒιᥴ Sყstᥱms Soᥴιᥱtყ UNMSM tiene el agrado de invitarles a participar al evento del mes de febrero: "capacitación de OBS" 🎥 Acompáñennos en este fascinante conversatorio donde se les capacitara ampliamente  en herramientas digitales. 👷🏻🖥️ 📌 Link de registro: #UNMSM #IEEEUNMSM #IEEEAESSUNMSM #capacitación #herramientasdigitales #tecnología #AESS […]

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  • Sensory Stimulation Detoxifies the Alzheimer’s Brain
    A flicker of light and a buzz of sound may hold the key to combating Alzheimer’s disease—and a new study in mice offers insights into how this unconventional therapy might work in humans.The noninvasive brain-stimulation technology features an audiovisual disco of rhythmic 40-hertz stimuli, designed to boost brain health by enhancing neural activity at the […]
  • The Quest for a DNA Data Drive
    How much thought do you give to where you keep your bits? Every day we produce more data, including emails, texts, photos, and social media posts. Though much of this content is forgettable, every day we implicitly decide not to get rid of that data. We keep it somewhere, be it in on a phone, […]
  • Prosthetic Arm Provides Sense of Heat and Cold
    Feeling warmth or its brisk absence on the fingertips or hand can all too easily be taken for granted. Of course, most upper-limb-amputee wearers of prosthetic arms and hands cannot access those sensations. Yet, researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Écublens, Switzerland, have developed a new technology that could provide a […]
  • Brain-Connection Maps Help Neuromorphic Chips
    In neuroscience—as in geography, genomics, and plenty else—it’s hard to navigate without a good map. Recent advances in brain mapping technologies have enabled scientists to create larger and more detailed models. And as those models for different animals are compared, some surprising similarities have cropped up. So much so that these neurological connection maps (a.k.a. […]
  • The Brain Implant That Sidesteps The Competition
    Eliza Strickland: Hi, I’m Eliza Strickland for IEEE Spectrum‘s Fixing the Future podcast. Before we start, I want to tell you that you can get the latest coverage from some of Spectrum‘s most important beats, including AI, climate change, and robotics, by signing up for one of our free newsletters. Just go to to […]


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