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  • APS conference: Primeros pasos en la ciberseguridad 01/06/2023
    La charla te brindará consejos para iniciar en el rubro de Ciberseguridad, bajo la experiencia del expositor. Además, cómo la Ciberseguridad impacta en el sector Financiero.
  • USS: Insider Sight 01/06/2023
    Estimados miembros de IEEE Chile Centro, Como presidente de la Rama estudiantil IEEE USS junto con los capítulo Chile Centro y Argentina Section de la IEEE Computer Society & Computer Intelligence Society tengo el agrado de invitarlos cordialmente al evento USS: Insider Sight, un ciclo de charlas profesionales donde su primera versión contará con la […]
    Charla teórica donde se expondrán tópicos y aplicaciones de la IA y el PDI en la astronomía.
  • Sesión mensual Directorio IEEE RAS Chile Centro 31/05/2023
    sesión mensual de directorio
  • Telemedicina: Retos y Oportunidades Post Pandemia COVID-19 31/05/2023
    Esta presentación se centrará en el fascinante mundo de la telemedicina y abordará tanto los retos como las oportunidades que esta innovadora forma de atención médica presenta en la actualidad. Durante la presentación, se explorarán los avances tecnológicos que han hecho posible la telemedicina, permitiendo a los profesionales de la salud brindar diagnósticos, tratamientos y […]

RSS IEEE Spectrum

  • Machine Learning Hunts for Chronic Pain’s Signature
    Scientists and clinicians at the University of California, San Francisco, are developing new methods of studying—and potentially treating—chronic pain. In a recent paper published in Nature Neuroscience, Dr. Prasad Shirvalkar and his team of doctors and researchers studied how types of chronic pain are represented in recordings of brain activity.Shirvalkar, a neurologist and pain specialist […]
  • Wearable Ultrasound Sees Deep Tissue on the Move
    Researchers have made the first wireless wearable ultrasound device that images tissue deep below the skin while patients move around freely. The system could allow doctors to monitor blood pressure, heart health, and lung capacity in real time while the wearer goes about their daily activities, including during workouts or other physical exertion.“Clinicians want to […]
  • This Gamer Turned EEG Tech Into a Game Controller
    Perri Karyal, a video-game and variety streaming-video broadcaster, has created a way to play games with her brain waves. Karyal, who hosts a regular show on, has been using a custom controller that reads electroencephalogram signals (EEG) to play the popular video game Elden Ring since earlier this year. This month, Karyal demonstrated a […]
  • The Electrome: The Next Great Frontier For Biomedical Technology
    Stephen Cass: Welcome to Fixing the Future, an IEEE Spectrum podcast. This episode is brought to you by IEEE Xplore, the digital library with over 6 million technical documents and free search. I’m senior editor Stephen Cass, and today I’m talking with a former Spectrum editor, Sally Adee, about her new book, We Are Electric: […]
  • Decoding Stress From Wearable Tech
    Can your mind be read at arm’s length? Scientists and clinicians at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City have taken a step down this road—using smartwatch data to discover aspects of a wearer’s psychological state. The researchers want to predict a person’s resilience, optimism, and emotional support—all correlated with positive medical outcomes and […]


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