RSS Upcoming Virtual Events in Region 9

  • Café e Discussão Tecnológica Aplicada à Engenharia Biomédica 27/09/2021
    This event aims to bring to dialogue between students ans societies the activities, impacts and routine in the reality of engineering and healthcare. Also to discuss important elemnts of student education and encourage them to follow the courses visualizing a possible role.
  • IEEE Week UnB III - Mesa Redonda: Engenharia e Investimentos 27/09/2021
    Mesa redonda voltada para a engenharia no âmbito dos investimentos com palestrantes pra lá de renomados. Dá um confere também na programação completa e se inscreva no link: novidades estarão disponíveis lá no Instagram, então não deixa de seguir
  • XL International Conference of the Chilean Computer Science Society, SCCC 2021 27/09/2021
    The SCCC conference is a forum for the presentation of recent original work and it is an opportunity for students and researchers to extend their research network. The conference is sponsored by IEEE Chile Section Computer Chapter and the Chilean Computer Science Society. The conference covers the broad field of computer science and informatics, considering […]
  • Jornadas Chilenas de Computación 2021 27/09/2021
    Las Jornadas Chilenas de Computación es el evento científico más importante que se organiza y realiza en Chile, en el ámbito de la Ciencia de la Computación y de la Informática, siendo reconocido por las dos más importantes sociedades científicas mundiales en su ámbito, como son ACM e IEEE. Este evento se ha desarrollado desde […]
  • [IEEE ITBA] Curso de Análisis de Datos con Python 27/09/2021
    El "Curso de Análisis de Datos con Python" tiene como objetivos automatizar tareas comunes, manipular archivos y hojas de datos de manera eficiente, y representar información gráficamente de manera sencilla. El contenido de este curso está orientado hacia aquellos que tienen conocimientos básicos sobre programación en Python (tales como tipos de datos, funciones y estructuras […]

RSS IEEE Spectrum

  • COVID Breathalyzers Could Transform Rapid Testing
    Concert venues, international airports and even restaurants are increasingly asking patrons for a recent negative COVID-19 test before entering their premises. Some organizations offer to test people on the spot as they enter. But current COVID-19 testing options aren't convenient enough for the kind of mass daily screening that some businesses would like to implement. […]
  • Help Build the Future of Assistive Technology
    This article is sponsored by California State University, Northridge (CSUN). Your smartphone is getting smarter. Your car is driving itself. And your watch tells you when to breathe. That, as strange as it might sound, is the world we live in. Just look around you. Almost every day, there's a better or more convenient version […]
  • Portable Analyzer Brings Blood Testing to Rural Areas
    Blood tests are vital for detecting and monitoring disease, but they are most often done near more populated areas, where the samples can be analyzed in a laboratory. Seeing the need for a more transportable system that can analyze blood samples in rural and remote areas, two researchers in India have developed a new design […]
  • Brain-Inspired AI Will Enable Future Medical Implants
    Artificial intelligence can identify subtle patterns in data, which is particularly useful in medicine. So far, these have been offline processes—doctors perform a medical test, and data from the test is run through a software program after. A real-time process could allow doctors to identify and treat a medical problem much more quickly. One way […]
  • Pfizer’s Edge in the COVID-19 Vaccine Race: Data Science
    Pfizer dominated news headlines and family dinner conversations last December when it became the first company to bring a COVID-19 vaccine to the U.S. market. The pharma giant accomplished the feat in record time: less than a year after the disease was first identified.Integral to that effort was the work of Pfizer's informatics and digital […]


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